First Post!

Whoa. This is something new.

Well then, um, hi. My name is… (why am I sounding like I’m on the first day of kindergarten?)

Anyways, moving on to the subject at hand. This is my first post. Mainly I will write about books and travelling, most travelling hence the name of the blog. Yes, I do love travelling. I’ve been doing a little bit of travelling when I was a child, and then after a very long time started doing it again after graduating from university. I suppose anyone can say I’d like to incorporate travelling into my life and perhaps even my career (cough*nationalgeographic*cough).

So far I’ve been to 11 places- London, Paris, Madrid, Wales, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Venice, Beijing, Singapore, Bangkok, Sumatera. Oh, but Makkah and Madinah doesn’t quite count, as they were more of religious pilgrimage than sightseeing. These travels were made with my family in tow. I have yet to graduate to the carefree semi-crazy trip with friends or merely on my own. But I would love to. An idea would be taking a gap year or two and just live off my backpack while cruising the world- a friend is merely an option. But I’ve yet to put that idea out to my parents (I can just envision my father’s bulging eyes once he hears my “crazy and dangerous plans”).

At the moment I am living in my family home and in the process of finding an office job. But as anyone can probably guess, my true love lies with exploring the world and telling people about it. Hence the blog.

So while I am waiting for that big pile of case to fall from heaven, here is my attempt to become an amateur travel writer. Let’s see how this goes. Who knows? Maybe one day I might get that national geographic job after all. 😀


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