Walking Barefoot in Funkytown

There are some things you just don’t get tired of, and in my case: Universal Studios Singapore is one of them.

I made this post as a supplementary and complimentary addition to my previous one. My second visit is far different from my previous one, both because of the company and the circumstances. My friend Aimi wasn’t a keen fan of roller coasters and thrill rides, so we mostly sat them out. With the exception of the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure (I made her go on that one) and the Battlestar Galactica Mega Coaster (I went alone. Just can’t resist!).

Anyway, on this second trip I managed to cover some of the things I didn’t get to sample on my previous trip here. The most notable one being:

#1: Shrek’s 4D Movie experience (Far Far Away)

I admit I am not a fan of any dimensional movies higher than the standard 2. But since I didn’t go on this one the last time, and it was heavily raining at the time… what the heck right?

The movie itself was simple and a-ok by Shrek standards, and although we did experience a squeamish moment (the spiders just make me scream, 4D or no) and disgusting ones (I’m pretty much sure the water they spray on us were clean, but having Donkey sneeze at the same time plays a lot of trick on the mind), it was pretty much an average attraction. I do love the dungeon setting they put us it before hustling us into the theater though. It is very authentic, although the so-called ‘guard’ giving us a pre-torture prep talk kind of ruined the moment with her chirpy and mechanical intonation.

The Shrek House

#2: Transformer’s 3D Battle Ride (Sci-Fi City)

Didn’t actually managed to get on the ride due to them having a technical problem, but we got pretty far through the queue. Absolutely love the AllSpark prop on the way into the theater chamber. We queued for a good 45 minutes before deciding to abandon ship. Sorry Optimus!

#3: Live-Action Show (WaterWorld)

I didn’t mention Water World the last time simply because we skipped that park completely. Boy, I did NOT know what I missed!

Water World was probably the simplest park in the whole Universal Studios. Here they didn’t have thrill rides or souvenir stores or even refreshment areas. Perhaps they are yet to be developed, and at the moment Water World offered an interactive live action show which I would call a crossover between its Monster Musical and Shrek 4D. There were three shows available per day, beginning at noon and the last one was at 4pm, in regular two-hour intervals.

Careful or you might get sloshed!

But don’t think it’s boring. Turns out it was so much fun that Aimi and myself went for it twice! The show truly banked on its special effects, with explosions, fire and water all merging together in a form of interactive entertainment for the audience. And when I say “interactive entertainment”, I really meant it. The actors and production crew knew that they have one thing in abundance- water! There was constant splashing, spraying and sloshing of water upon the audience, so much so that the first eight rows of the packed amphitheater had a “Soak Zone” and “Splash Zone” warnings painted across the benches. At the beginning, the supporting cast- which were a mix of foreign and Singaporean actors- came out and got the crowd hyped-up for the show. They used water pistols and buckets to give us some, er, free shower. And if we thought that was the last of it, boy were we wrong. Once the show was on, the various props keep splashing us with more and more H20. Thank goodness we were soaked anyway!

I have to compliment the actors on this show for being good sports. The supporting actors were always fun to watch, and it was awesome to watch the hero and heroine of the story, which we guessed must be stunt actors at some point of their careers given how they swung and jumped and ran all across the set. But for Aimi and me, the true star of the show had to be the Villain, which we dubbed “VillainGuy” (I know, original right?), who held his head high, smirked and retorted whenever somebody got the audience to boo at him. I know it’s just part of his character and script, but I’m still impressed at someone who says “Thank you, thank you”, after about 100 people booed him for capturing the heroine. Oh, and that last “Shut up” got us both cheering.

Water World was probably the other big highlight of this second visit to Universal Studios. Pity the park is nestled between the more prominent Far Far Away and Jurassic Park, they seem to have a bit of a trouble attracting audience at the beginning. Maybe if they expand it into a real Water World?

#4: Rockafella (New York City)

Once in a while, or seasonally, Universal Studios would have street performance scattered all over the park, although for

B-Boyin Y’all

most part they were usually limited to Hollywood or New York City. Lucky for us, this second time we were treated to

the street dancers called Rockafellas in front of the mock Broadway in the NYC theme park.

Two things people should know about me: One, I have no idea what B-boying is. Two, I’m more of a ballet/waltz/tap kinda gal.

Until then.

I will not elaborate further. Enough said.


#5: Honorary Mentions

The two rides which deserves a repeat mention here (despite having been elaborated it all its glorious details previously) were the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and the Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon rollercoasters. I can visit Universal Studios 17 times and not get bored by these two. 😉


#6: Walking Through The Parks In The Rain and With Only My Bare Feet

Does This Picture Say Enough?



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